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Article: April 27 + Saint Zita of Lucca

April 27 + Saint Zita of Lucca - VENXARA®

April 27 + Saint Zita of Lucca

Zita is one of the “Incorruptibles” — bodies of Catholic saints that were found to miraculously not deteriorate. She is the Patron Saint of servants, domestic workers and of lost keys. Her body lies in rest in the church of San Frediano, dressed and in full view, over 750 years after her death in 1272.

Zita began her life as a peasant girl who went to work as a servant in Lucca, Italy at the age of 12, and was known for her sunny demeanor, work ethic, and for giving leftover bread to the poor. After many years of working as a domestic, she was promoted to head housekeeper, and a series of miracles began to reward her hard work and piety. She found time every day to attend Mass and to recite many prayers, as well as to carry out her household duties so perfectly that the other servants were jealous of her.

At first, her employers were upset by her generous gifts of food to the poor, but in time, they were completely won over by her patience and goodness and she became a very close friend. As things turned out, she stayed with that family for the last 48 years of her life. Zita was given free reign over her working schedule and busied herself with visits to the sick and those in prison. Word spread rapidly in Lucca of her good deeds and the heavenly visions that appeared to her.

One day, as she was collecting bread from the home of the family she worked for, a fellow servant ratted her out. When the head of the family pulled open her apron, instead of bread, only flowers fell to the ground. When she died at age 60, the church bells spontaneously began to toll.

Zita is a good saint for those of us who sometimes lose a chance to do some good by waiting to do something better.

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