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About Venxara



The name VENXARA® (pronounced ven zara) is a blend of two sisters' names: Venzia and Arista. The X in the middle is a V above an A forming an X which is a symbol of the connection between the sisters. (xoxo is a common salutation of love.) That is what VENXARA® represents — a unique blend of couture collections created with love. Our collections were not created for us, but rather for you. Exclusive, custom-made items were designed to express your personality, individuality and connection to things you value and believe in. These items unite us as a family with our common interests, beliefs and passions. And our family members aren’t always those who are related by blood.

VENXARA® was built on the virtues of Truth, Trust, Family and Faith. With these as our foundation, we promise to feature only products that are high in quality, unique, morally responsible and are at fair prices. We will only offer products that stay true to our founding virtues.

We invite you to become part of the VENXARA® family by following our collections on social media. Meet your extended family who share your similar passions. Wear and share your distinctly different style and know that you are part of our collective family with a broader purpose to inspire, encourage, elevate and love all of God’s creations. If you would like to suggest or request custom-made items, please contact us. Your suggestions are welcomed and valued.





Marie is a wife, mother of 4 young children, an artist, writer, photographer, entrepreneur and one of the most relatable (and rather funny) people you will ever meet. Though she’s extremely private, she connects with people of all different backgrounds because of shared life experiences — both the good and the bad. Her creative vision comes from years of walking in many different shoes and wearing many different hats. Marie’s distinctive style is reflected throughout the site — a creative blend of old, new, traditional and contemporary.