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Article: June 3 + Saint Clotilda

June 3 + Saint Clotilda - VENXARA®

June 3 + Saint Clotilda

Clotilde was the wife of King Clovis, who established a dynasty that ruled in France for several hundred years. When they were married in 492, Clovis was not Christian, but she brought him to the Catholic faith.

Clovis was baptized on Christmas Day as well as the most important chiefs of the Frankish people converted with Clovis. It was the first nation as such that converted to the Catholic faith. On the day of the Baptism of the Franks, an Angel brought Clotilda the new banner of the Franks. Before, the banner had three frogs on it; now it had three fleurs-de-lis.

Together Clovis and Clotilde founded a church in Paris that they named after Saints Peter and Paul, which was later renamed St. Genevieve. Clovis and Clotilde are still buried there.

When Clovis died, their three sons feuded for the throne — even murdering family members, including women and children. The struggles and murders broke Clotilde’s heart, and she left the royal household and moved to Tours, where she spent the rest of her life in prayer and service to the poor.

Her two sons who had survived the family conflict finally took up arms against each other. Clotilde heard of an impending battle between the two, and prayed at the tomb of St. Martin of Tours that the struggle come to an end. Her prayers were answered when a great storm drove the armies from the field of battle.

Queen Clotilde died on June 3, 545 in Tours. When she passed on, a dazzling light and heavenly incense filled the room. She was buried next to her husband, in Saint Genevieve in Paris, a church that she and Clovis founded.

Beautiful vocations like hers are often born from the worse storms and disasters. They are born from great sufferings, tragedies, deceptions, contradictions and incomprehensible situations. In such souls, it becomes clear that the success of these vocations does not rely simply on human merit. They are due to the will and action of God, which often comes to us through the intercession of Our Lady.

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