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Article: May 6 + Saint Evodius

May 6 + Saint Evodius - VENXARA®

May 6 + Saint Evodius

Meet the saint who created the term “Christian.”

Evodius was one of the 70 disciples commissioned by Jesus and it is believed that Evodius was principally responsible for naming the followers of Jesus “Christians,” from the Greek word Christianos meaning “followers of Christ.”

St. Peter was the first bishop of Antioch and led the Church there. Evodius is said to have been one of the pagans converted to Christianity due to the apostolic work of St. Peter. Evodius eventually succeeded Peter as bishop of Antioch when Peter left for Rome.

Evodius was bishop of Antioch until 66 AD, and was succeeded by St. Ignatius of Antioch. Evodius served the Christian community in Antioch for 27 years and he died a martyr’s death in the year 66 under the Roman emperor Nero.

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