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Article: July 4 + Saint Theodore of Cyrene

July 4 + Saint Theodore of Cyrene - VENXARA®

July 4 + Saint Theodore of Cyrene

Theodore was born in Cyrene, Libya and flourished during the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305). Theodore, who was the Bishop of Cyrene, was an excellent calligrapher, writer and transcriber, and his books were treasured by the Church.

His son, Leontius, betrayed him before the district governor Dignianus, telling of how many people were turning to Christianity as a result of Bishop Theodore's writings.

Theodore was brought before the governor with a group of Christians following him, including the holy women Cyprilla, Aroa and Lucia. When Theodore and the Christians appeared before Dignianus, he not only demanded the sacred books, but bid that the Bishop disavow Christ. The holy man did neither. For this he was harshly thrashed with rods and stripes with lead embedded at the ends. Afterwards, when he was brought forward to offer sacrifice to the idols, Theodore kicked the platform for the sacrifices, hurling it down headlong.

The pagans hoisted him aloft upon wood and lacerated his entire body. Then they rubbed his wounds with hair cloths doused with vinegar and salt. After, they severed his tongue with a razor. The three holy women laid hold of the treasured tongue when Theodore was sent to prison where he died. Also put to death were the women Cyprilla, Lucia and Aroa, and all who had accepted Baptism from the holy bishop.

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