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Article: July 7 + Saint Willibald

July 7 + Saint Willibald - VENXARA®

July 7 + Saint Willibald

Willibald, born a prince, was the son of Saint Richard the King and brother of Saint Winnebald of Heidenheim and Saint Walburga. He nearly died as an infant, leading his parents to pray for his life, vowing that he would be dedicated to God if he survived. His life was spared and he entered the Abbey of Waltham, Hampshire, England at age five.

He became a Benedictine monk and made a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy in 722 with his father and brother — his father died on the way, and Willibald suffered from malaria while there.

He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and reached Jerusalem on November 11, 725, and is the first known Englishman in the Holy Land. The book of his travels, Hodoeporicon, is the first known English travelogue. He visited many holy sites throughout Europe and at one point he was arrested by Saracens at Emessa as a Christian spy, and imprisoned in Constantinople.

Willibald then spent ten years helping Saint Petronax restore the monastery of Monte Cassino where he served there as sacristan, dean, and porter. In 740 he was sent by Pope Gregory III to help Saint Boniface evangelize in what is now modern Germany.

Willibald grew up learning to live like a monk in prayer and contemplation and study but exploring the world deepened his faith in God. He had many adventures and experienced several miracles that saved his life. Even though he didn’t make it a point to gain converts to the Catholic faith, his own spiritual growth inspired many other people to become Christians.

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