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Article: April 18 + Saint Apollonius the Apologist

April 18 + Saint Apollonius the Apologist - VENXARA®

April 18 + Saint Apollonius the Apologist

Apollonius was a Roman senator who lived in the second century. He was known as a great defender of the faith, which earned him the name Apollonius the Apologist. His Apologia, or defense of the faith, is considered one of the most priceless documents of the early Church.

In the second century, there was an apocalyptic and charismatic movement within the Church which was a threat to Tradition, the Holy Scriptures, and the office of the bishop. A man named Montanus claimed to be directly inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Montanist doctrines were not readily susceptible to attack on matters of dogma. Therefore, the Church stressed traditional sources of authority and raised character issues in order to combat the Montanists. This is where the writings of Apollonius were so effective. He showed the errors in the Montanist prophecies, and reported the unedifying lives of Montanus and his prophetesses.

Apollonius was denounced as a Christian by his slave to the Roman Prefect, Sextus Tigidius Perennis, who arrested him and had his slave put to death. Perennis then demanded that Apollonius denounce Christianity. When Apollonius refused to do so he had his case put before the Roman senate. A debate then took place in which Apollonius defended the faith eloquently, but he was still condemned and beheaded.

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