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Article: April 23 + Saint George

April 23 + Saint George - VENXARA®

April 23 + Saint George

George was a Roman soldier of Greek origin and an officer in the Guard, who was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. As a Christian martyr, he later became one of the most venerated saints in Christianity, and was especially venerated by the Crusaders.

George was born to Christians from noble families and was raised to follow their faith. When George was old enough, he was welcomed into the army under the rule of Emperor Diocletian. By his late 20's, George became a Tribunus and served as an imperial guard for the Emperor at Nicomedia.

In 303 A.D., Diocletian, who hated Christians, announced that every Christian the army passed by would be arrested and every other soldier should offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods. George refused to abide by the order and told Diocletian, who was angry but greatly valued his friendship with George's father.

When George announced his beliefs before his peers, Diocletian was unable to keep the news to himself. In an effort to save George, Diocletian attempted to convert him to believe in the Roman gods, offered him land, money and slaves in exchange for offering a sacrifice to the Roman gods, and made several other offers that George refused.

Finally, after exhausting all other options, Diocletian ordered George's execution. In preparation for his death, George gave his money to the poor and was sent for several torture sessions. He was lacerated on a wheel of swords and required resuscitation three times, but still George did not turn from his Christian faith.

On April 23, 303 A.D., George was decapitated before Nicomedia's outer wall. His body was sent to Lydda for burial, and other Christians went to honor George as a martyr.

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