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Article: April 22 + Saints Epipodius and Alexander

April 22 + Saints Epipodius and Alexander - VENXARA®

April 22 + Saints Epipodius and Alexander

Born during the 2nd century of distinguished families, Epipodius was born in Lyon, France and Alexander was a Greek, originally from Phrygia (modern day Asia Turkey). The two became best friends while growing up and attending school together. They were both raised as Christians and shared a similar passion for their faith. It was not long until these two young men were put to the test during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

At the time there was a great persecution underway, especially in their own city of Lyons. Epipodius and Alexander kept quiet about their faith and sought to hide from the local authorities. A servant betrayed Epipodius and Alexander and reported them to the governor. They were to be arrested for their Christian faith but they heard about the order and immediately fled the city. They escaped to a nearby town and found refuge in the house of a Christian widow. The two friends were concealed for a time and remained in hiding.

However, they were eventually discovered and immediately brought before the governor. The Roman official sought to torture Epipodius and Alexander in hopes of getting them to renounce their Christian faith. The governor had Epipodius stretched on a rack and severely tortured before cutting off his head. Alexander was crucified after being tortured, and died immediately on the cross.

Christians privately carried off their bodies, and buried them on a hill near the city — a place which became famous afterwards for the great number of miracles.

Epipodius and Alexander are known as the patron saints of bachelors, victims of betrayal, and victims of torture. Their steadfast example should give us courage to follow Christ to whatever end, even if that means betrayal and suffering. In the end, we must safeguard our soul above all else and not betray Christ who gave up his own life so that we may live eternally.

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