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Article: June 17 + Saint Gregory Barbarigo

June 17 + Saint Gregory Barbarigo - VENXARA®

June 17 + Saint Gregory Barbarigo

Gregory was the oldest of four children born in 1625, to a distinguished Venetian family. His father instructed him in philosophy and mathematics, while preceptors taught him Latin and Greek. His parents died of the plague and a cousin came in to take care of the family.

A brilliant student, he embraced a diplomatic career and accompanied the Venetian Ambassador, Contarini, to the Congress of Munster in 1648. He obtained a doctorate in utroque iure (a doctor of both canon and civil law), then became a priest and was soon thereafter consecrated as the first Bishop of Bergamo by Pope Alexander VII. Later on he was elevated to the rank of Cardinal and also given authority over the diocese of Padua.

He guided his flock with pastoral wisdom and deep understanding. Gregory worked unceasingly in carrying out the reforms set forth by the Council of Trent. Through his efforts the seminaries of both Bergamo and Padua were substantially enlarged. At Padua he also added a library and a printing press.

Gregory died in 1697. His remains were exhumed in 1725 and were found to be incorrupt. His body can be viewed in the Chapel of St. Gregorio Barbarigo in Padua.

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