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Article: June 18 + Saints Marcus and Marcellianus

June 18 + Saints Marcus and Marcellianus - VENXARA®

June 18 + Saints Marcus and Marcellianus

Marcus and Marcellianus were twin brothers of an illustrious family in Rome, who had converted to Christianity in their youth and later married.

Under the rule of Diocletian, the brothers were thrown into prison and condemned to be beheaded — simply for being Christians. Their family and friends obtained a pause on the execution for thirty days so that they might convince them to worship the false gods. Sebastian (who later became a Saint), an officer of the emperor’s household, visited the brothers daily and encouraged them to stay strong in their faith. While the brothers were in prison, Sebastian was able to convert the brothers’ parents, wives, Chromatius (the judge) and his son, Tiburtius, who became a saint. Chromatius set the Saints free and retired from his position.

After leaving prison, Marcus and Marcellianus were taken and hidden by a Christian officer of the household in his apartments in the palace; but they were betrayed by an apostate, and rearrested. Fabian, who had succeeded Chromatius, condemned them to be bound to two pillars, with their feet nailed to the same. In this posture they remained a day and a night, and on the following day were stabbed with lances. Their martyrdom occurred in the year 286.

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