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Article: June 19 + Saint Juliana Falconieri

June 19 + Saint Juliana Falconieri - VENXARA®

June 19 + Saint Juliana Falconieri

Born in 1270, Juliana belonged to the noble Falconieri family of Florence, Italy. Her uncle, Alexis Falconieri, was one of the seven founders of the Servite Order. Under his influence, she decided at a young age to follow the consecrated life. After her father's death, she received the habit of the Third Order of the Servites. She remained at home until her mother's death and then Juliana and several companions moved into a house of their own. This became the first convent of the Sisters of the Third Order of Servites. The sisters devoted themselves especially to the care of the sick and other works of mercy. Juliana would serve as Superior until the end of her life.

It is said that Juliana would often fall in to long moments and hours of ecstasy. She cared for the sick in the streets, homes, and in hospitals and was known for using her own lips to suck out the infection of her patients open sores without fear of contracting any illness. Truly a magnificent act. Juliana directed the community of Servite Tertiaries for 35 years and was more of a servant to her subordinates than a mistress.

A miracle mentioned in the liturgical texts for her feast day, is said to have occurred at Juliana's death. At this time, unable to receive Holy Communion because of constant vomiting, she requested the priest to spread a corporal (the square white linen cloth upon which the Sacred Host and chalice are placed during the celebration of Mass) upon her chest and lay the Eucharistic host on it. Shortly thereafter, the host disappeared and Juliana died. The image of a cross, just like the one on the host, was found on her breast.

Immediately after her death she was honored as a saint and became known as the "Saint of the Holy Eucharist" and the Patron Saint of bodily ills, sick people and sickness.

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